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How is my Use Year determined?

Refer to your ownership documents and Certificate to determine when your Use Year begins. Your Use Year is the annually recurring 12 month period which will remain the same throughout your membership.

What happens if I borrow points then cancel my reservation?

The borrowed points will be returned to the Use Year from which they were borrowed.

How did Silverpoint come up with the point values of the resorts?

The point values are based upon several variables including location of resort, resort quality, resort amenities, unit configuration and time of year.

Will the points value of my week ever change?

The calculations will be reviewed periodically and should the values alter dramatically then both the members points ownership and the points required for a holiday at that resort will either increase or decrease.

What if I want to send a friend or family to use my reservation?

Your reservation can be given to anyone you wish. For a nominal fee you can purchase a Guest Certificate which allows your friends and/or family to take advantage of the reservation. Guests must be at least 18 years old. Some resorts, however, may have higher age requirements.

When can I borrow points?

You can borrow points from your next Use Year at any time.

How do I exchange with Silverpoint if I am a points member?

As a member of points, you are automatically a member of Silverpoint / RCI Weeks. If you want to travel to a Silverpoint affiliated resort that does not participate in points, you may request a Weeks Exchange to the property.
The Weeks Resort Reservation Grids in the Points Directory provide a guide to the number of points you will need to book a particular season and size of unit. When you are ready to make the reservation, simply call your Travel Concierge to check the availability.

Can I bequeath my points to relatives or friends?

Absolutely, points can be bequeathed to anyone providing the correct procedures are followed. Call for more details.

How do I let you know that I want to save points?

If points have not been used by the end of the Use Year in which they were first allocated they will automatically be saved into the next Use Year.

What happens to the points once they are saved?

Once points are saved, they will expire at the end of the Use Year into which they were saved. Points that have been saved, may be borrowed back, but cannot be saved into a third Use Year as points expire if not used after two years.

What happens if I can't use my saved points, will they expire?

Yes, however, when you make your points reservations, the points you have saved will be used up first. This means that your most recent points allocations will only be used after your saved points have been utilised. If you are unable to use all of your saved points in the year they are due to expire you can extend them for a further year for a small fee.

Do I still have to pay resort management fees on the week that has been ceded into points?

Yes. The home resort will issue an invoice for the management fees and collect them in the normal way.

If I am a member of a Silverpoint Resort and become a Points member, what happens to the subscriptions I have already paid to RCI?

Any pre-paid RCI Member's membership subscriptions that have not been used will be pro-rated and credited to your Silverpoint Points account, unless Silverpoint are advised otherwise.

If I book two weeks of accommodation do I need to pay two reservation fees?

For Silverpoint Vacation Club Points resorts, if you book two weeks in the same unit size at the same resort you only need to pay one reservation fee, however if you change unit size or resort you must pay an additional reservation fee. If you book two consecutive weeks at a Silverpoint Weeks resorts - a Silverpoint Exchange - you must pay two reservation fees.

Is there a time limit on when I can book a Points Partner product?

Yes, all Points Partner bookings must be requested at least 21 days prior to the start date.

Can I afford this extra money?

This is money you were going to spend on holiday anyway. Think of it like owning a house as opposed to paying rent. You now enjoy better quality holidays at a greatly reduced cost.

How do I sell my week when I don't want it anymore?

Silverpoint provides an in-house resale service for any members who wish to change their membership or simply exit the Silverpoint Vacation Club.

What happens if I cannot use my weeks one year?

Because you OWN your holiday time it is yours to do with as you wish. You can rent it out, lend it to a friend or save it up for that big, once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

How many weeks can I use each year?

Over and above your actual membership/ownership you can obtain many additional weeks. Take advantage of Extra Weeks, Late Breaks, the Holiday Plus hotel program, cruising and much more. Keep an eye on the Clubhouse section of this website for news of all the latest offers.

I want variety from my holidays can I get that with Silverpoint Vacation Club?

Of course, the whole idea of the Silverpoint Vacation Club is to give you unrivalled levels of flexibility, variety and choice. With access to luxury apartments, country cottages, stately homes, log cabins, beach bungalows, sailing yachts, luxury cruisers, castles, ski lodges and a whole range of first-class accommodation you really can enjoy a different type of holiday every time you travel.

Can my friends and family use my membership?

Yes, because you OWN your holiday time you are free to lend it to your friends and family.

How simple is the Silverpoint Vacation Club booking system?

It couldn't be easier - just choose your holiday and call one of our Travel Concierges to book your accommodation and take care of all your travel requirements.
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